How to view images from Thumbs.db

I have already discussed how windows creates the thumbnails of images and videos and how they are stored in Thumbs.db file which is present in the same folder where the images are placed in windows xp. Thumbs.db file acts as the database file for the image thumbnails in windows and if required (means if deleted accidentally ) those images can be retrieved from thumbs.db file, though their quality will be poor but if you have lost some of precious images then quality can be compromised.Isn't it.

Rather than retrieving images from thumbs.db file if you want to view the images in thumbs.db file then you can also do the same.Each image is represented as a jpg image in the thumbs.db file which makes it relatively easy to extract those images again. The thumbnails are stored in a centralized location in Windows vista with the name thumbcache_xxx.db where xxx is a number between 1 and 999. That folder is located at %sysroot%\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer.

A flexible small tool that can extract all images from thumbs.db files is Thumbs Extract. It’s a command line utility and the command is ThumbsExtract.exe path to thumbs.db, for example ThumbsExtract.exe c:\thumbs.db if the file is located on the c:\ drive.

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  Andrew Egol

2:46 AM

Great article. Do you know of any way to change the images contained in a Thumbs.db? The software decided what image to use for movies but I wanted it to display a different image. Thanks.

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