How to remove access denied error in windows vista

Sometime we face “Access Denied” error or warning message when we try to open a few windows folder like Document and Settings in Microsoft's Windows Vista. This is a general fault idea in Windows Vista and there is a very minimal practice to overcome this blunder.

The purpose the error message pops-up is due to the statement that you don't have enough permissions to prospect the contents of the folder. Well, you will necessity to change ownership of this folder to acquire access.

Just follow these simple steps to remove this error message but the only clasp here is that your account must have "Administrative" privileges to do the above operations.

* Right Click on the Folder and Open "Properties."
* In the Security option excellent the Advanced tab and click the Edit knob.
* Now you can certainly change ownership to your account by highlighting your account and selecting change ownership to sub containers and use changes.

Done.Now you'll have access to the folder.

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