How to Minimize any running application to desktop as thumbnail

What happens when we minimize a running application in our computer system, it goes down to the windows taskbar.While some other software are programmed to minimize down directly to the traybar or system tray like Utorrent client.This helps task bar to remain uncluttered in a situation where lots of applications are running.There are some third party software also that can minimize any desired program to traybar.But if your traybar too is cluttered with these applications and programs,then one possible solution is to close some less required applications, but if you don't want to close any of those running application (its bad !!!!) then then there is a third party freeware miniMIZE of just 349 KB for you.

miniMIZE is a small desktop enhancing application that catches windows that you minimize and puts a thumbnail of the main application window on your desktop so it minimize a running program to desktop as thumbnail.

miniMIZE supports exclusion list to ignore windows and applications that you don’t want to minimize to desktop as thumbnail. It also has hotkeys to cycle thumbnail levels, minimize all windows and show/hide thumbnails.But this won't work on Vista, for windows vista users there is a software Thumbwin which works similar to miniMIZE.

ThumbWin is very much the same as miniMIZE. You can set the software to be excluded from minimizing as thumbnail, supports hotkey, arrangement method and thumbnail size. But one very noticeable feature that only ThumbWin has is the fade-in/out effect. When a running program has been minimized to desktop as thumbnail, moving your mouse over to the thumbnail will make the image fade-in/out.

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  Actual Tools

10:43 AM

Also you can use Actual Window Minimizer from Actual Tools, which is shareware though, but has many useful features, like automation (minimizing at startup, on deactivation), minimization via Close button, specifying custom icon for the minimized window, and others.

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