10 most useful mozilla firefox addons

Mozilla Firefox has evolved as a great web browser over the period of time because of its security, simplicity, memory uses and above of all the ability of Mozilla Firefox to let the users use various addons developed by various developers around the world.This makes the Firefox a very safe and secure place.Some of Firefox addons have been very popular and always makes it to most downloaded list of Firefox addons.This time jaystech is publishing a list of most useful Firefox addons.Some of them you might find in my previous list of 15 most downloaded Firefox addons also.

1. Cybersearch - This is customizable Google searches in your firefox awesome Bar? Yes, It is very nice ! It also supports keywords so you can enter things like "firefox addons" and limit your search to a specific web site (like Jaystech, for example). Enter a comma separated list of URLs to search a group of sites.

2. LastPass - I used to use KeePass, but I just like LastPass better. It did a great job of importing (and then removing) my Firefox stored passwords, and its secure password creation tool makes using different passwords on new sites a snap. The web interface is a great way to manage my logins and groups.

3. FEBE - As with anything else on your computer, it's never a bad idea to back up your Firefox install. FEBE will back up everything - extensions, themes, bookmarks - or just what you choose, and you can set up an automated schedule. It's also got integrated Box.net support, which is actually a fairly nice way to roll-you-rown manual Firefox syncing.

4. AdBlock Plus:- I don't really use AdBlock because I hate advertisements, but because I don't like waiting for web pages to load. Flash ads and multiple banners really gum up the works, so I depend on AdBlock to keep things running smoothly. It's also a decent way to cut back on your bandwidth usage.

5. DownThemAll - When a friend first showed me DTA a few years ago, I couldn't believe I was still just using FF2's built-in manager. DTA rocks, and ofcourse it is in my list of Top 10 free download managers . It's simply one of the best download managers out there.

6. OpenItOnline - I don't do enough work with Office-type documents anymore to warrant installing a suite on my laptop. OpenItOnline lets me send DOC, XLS, and all the other supported file types to ZohoViewer for perusal instead of downloading them. It supports all Zoho and Google Docs apps to open files.

7. Deng Google Bookmarks - I'm not sold on Weave yet, so for now I let Google store my bookmarks. I switched to the Deng addon after using GMarks for the longest time - because I got tired of the giant "bookmark" button on my toolbar. Deng displays only a small star icon, and its management interface is superior and you must know how to stop appearing bookmarks in firefox address bar.

8. Screengrab! - To quickly capture an entire web page, Screengrab is a great tool. It can save or copy an entire page, the visible portion, or a rectangular selection. If I don't actually need to print a page, Screengrab is an easy, environmentally friendly way for me to keep a copy of it.

9. Web Of Trust - Web Of Trust is a great way to keep yourself out of malware trouble. I think I'm a pretty responsible surfer, but I don't know the reputation of every site on the Internet. Web Of Trust gives you a heads up about the trustworthiness of a link (based on community input) before you visit it.

10. Shareaholic - Anyone that enjoys sharing links would do well to install this one: it supports a ton of services, including Digg, Delicious, Twitter, Pownce, Reddit, Facebook, MySpace, and Google. It's also a quick way to see how many Diggs or Delicious bookmarks a page has received. Bzzster support gives quick access to sharing items via email.

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